The massively increasing influx of online businesses has made room for a lot of frauds and selling of counterfeit products. People who are naïve and have lesser experience of online shopping tend to be cheated and then start losing faith in the online shops.  The purpose of online shopping is to create a relaxed and comfortable experience without the need to visit stores. The abundance of free clothing design websites and springing up of numerous platforms selling clothes online has made the online market saturated. Below are some of the reasons that will convince you about why online shopping is not as perfect as it is portrayed to be.

    1. The most popular reason is that when you buy online, you know what you are buying. You have the feasibility to try the clothes on and then decide about the purchase. Many times, the dress that you like so much, might be picture perfect, but it does not look good on you. When you buy from the store itself, you are less likely to re visit to exchange.

  1. You can judge the quality of the product. When you are purchasing online, you have to trust and go by what the site has mentioned. Alternatively, when you are buying from the store, you have the opportunity to purchase after satisfying yourself about the quality of the product.
  2. There are many discounts offers that are only offered in store and not for online buyers. Sometimes there are flash sales in store and people shopping online can not avail the opportunity.
  3. You can easily avoid the shipping fees. Shipping fee is usually credited to customers in a very subtle way. When you are visiting the store itself, there are no worries regarding the extra or hidden costs because you can investigate about it yourself.
  4. When you are shopping online, you tend to over shop. Since online shopping does not require you to pay out any physical cash, you tend to over spend. Psychologically, when you purchase things by visiting the shop physically, you have a little regret of letting the money part from you. While when you are shopping online, no such thing exists.

There are many individuals, who are seeking advantage of the online clothing business opportunities try to establish themselves. Amongst them, there are a few who are honest in their trade and some who make online shopping a terrible mistake.